Different Types of Thermostats | Choosing the Right One

Are you searching for the right thermostat type that you can use at home? There is a chance that you have checked out different types and kinds and you cannot help but feel confused with the wide selection available. In order to make it easier for you, we have narrowed down the different types of thermostats and listed them below. Here are some of the thermostat types from … [Read more...]

How Smart Thermostats Help You Save

Did you know that thermostats save money? There are various features that you ought to know about on the smart thermostat so that you know how helpful it can be for you. The DataRhythm Technology of Ecobee Smart Thermostats actually sets it apart from all the other thermostats out there.  It makes use of thousand data points. It decides the right temperature for cooling and … [Read more...]

Check The Compatibility of a Thermostat

HVAC is an abbreviation for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Sometimes you might see the abbreviation HVACR, where the R stands for Refrigeration. Your HVAC system refers to the equipment used to regulate the indoor air quality and your house's temperature. Imagine your home is the human body, and your HVAC equipment serves as its vital organs. Your thermostat would … [Read more...]

How to Wire a Thermostat

Whatever type of thermostat you choose to buy, you should find out the best way to install your new thermostat if you intend to set it up on your own. Thermostat wiring can be successfully done if you follow our steps! Some very bad consequences may happen if you connect the wires on HVAC equipment incorrectly. At best your equipment can be destroyed or at worst your house can … [Read more...]