Energy Saving Thermostat Tips

An energy saving thermostat has the potential to help save on an electricity bill, but not without some help from the user. Thermostats are not the magic answer to cut the bill in half, and they do not come programmed for you. Serious research should be done when programming a new thermostat to find out how to use the technology in the most efficient way. Programmable … [Read more...]

Tado Heating Review

In this article, I would like to introduce a popular thermostat branch in Europe, especially for houses that have split temperature control units installed. It is called Tado Heating. Nowadays, every smart Wi-Fi thermostat on the market has key features like smart learning and weather monitoring, but Tado Heating takes it a step further with its self-titled second … [Read more...]

Tado Cooling Review

Have you ever bought a Wi-Fi thermostat only to realize it is not compatible with your HVAC unit? Or maybe you can't purchase a unit like Nest or Honeywell because your house only has a cooling system and not a heating system. Promising to "breathe new life into your old AC", Munich-based start-up Tado, Inc is hoping to bring a successful launch of its new Tado° Cooling system … [Read more...]

Honeywell Lyric Review

The Wi-Fi thermostat is an extremely useful high tech device for your house. There are plenty of Wi-Fi thermostat types in the market with different functions. Most of them make users set a regular temperature schedule during the day.  If this doesn't appeal to you,  Honeywell  Lyric Wi-Fi Thermostat can solve your problem. Let’s see what advantages and disadvantages Lyric has. … [Read more...]