How to Choose The Right Thermostat for Your Home

A thermostat is a device that is used to keep your home’s temperature comfortable. It also helps the user to control energy usage. Operation of a thermostat ranges from simple manual units to more sophisticated programmable units. This provides enhanced functionality and high efficient operation of heating and air conditioning systems. Choosing the right thermostat can be a difficult process, but our guide can help you with your decision.

When choosing the right thermostat, there are three major guidelines to follow. These include; choosing the type of thermostat, identifying your heating and cooling system and, finally, selecting the options that best suit your lifestyle.

Choosing the Right Thermostat:

choosing the right thermostat

How to choose the right Thermostat ?
Honeywell Lyric vs Nest thermostat

Choosing the type of thermostat

There are two basic types of thermostats; manual and programmable. Manual thermostats are economical and have simple control. They offer limited energy savings and comfort. Programmable thermostats automatically adjust the temperature throughout the day which saves a good amount of money. They have digital interfaces and the latest models are mercury free.

Identify your heating and cooling system

Before making a choice of a thermostat, make sure the model you want is compatible with your HVAC unit.  System types include; heat pump, electrical baseboard, fireplace and floor and wall furnace. Product packaging makes selecting a thermostat and assessing their compatibility simple and efficient.

choosing the right thermostat

The interface on the HVAC controller

Choose the best option

choosing the right thermostat

Save up to 30% in energy costs.

The thermostat chosen should allow the user to change the settings as often as they want.  A programmable thermostat will allow you to do this any time of day and whether you are home or away. For most homes, a pre-programmed thermostat requires no adjustment since most thermostats come preset with a schedule based on a typical household’s energy needs. Therefore, only installation is required and you are set to go.

When determining the most appropriate thermostat, you should consider the flexibility you need from day to day. The thermostat should also be equipped with controls that allow the manual override of program schedules as needed. It should have touch screen controls, selectable program periods, backlit display, indicator lights, battery operation and backup, keyboard lock and vacation mode amongst others.

Final Words

When buying a thermostat, in general, the setting of the thermostat should be very simple and should only involve adjusting the thermostat to indicate whether you are home or away. If users follow the above guidelines, then they can be sure that they will purchase the best Wi-Fi thermostat.


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