Lux TX9600TS Touch Screen Thermostat Review

Review of: Lux TX9600TS
TX9600TS Touch Screen

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On January 31, 2015
Last modified:October 13, 2016


Pros : Very easy to use, cheap price.
Cons : This unit doesn't have any Wifi functionality.

It’s hard to choose the best device for controlling the temperature in your home when you don’t know much about what is on the market. You can Google it or ask your friend but the best thing to do is a little research. The  Lux TX9600TS Touch Screen is a great Wi-Fi Thermostat. Read the following review to get an idea about the product.

As the name suggests, and from the phrase ‘thermo’, a thermostat is a product made expressly for controlling the temperature in your home. Lux TX9600TS is a great thermostat; one which has very few problems with it.

Design of the Lux TX9600TS

Lux TX9600TS The Lux TX9600TS Touch Screen has gotten a lot of attention since it has come on the market. It  is designed in such a way that it’s face is big enough for usability but not too big to be a nuisance.  The thermostat has a depth of 1.125 in, assembled height of 3.37 in and a display height of 2.25 in, then finally it has an assembled height width of 5.375 in. The dimensions are splendid for the device and experiments shows that it works effectively.

A battery is included and the thermostat can either work in battery power mode or AC power mode. The battery type is alkaline and most of the features of the thermostat are white in color. The number of HVAC Zones in Lux is one. Lux TX9600TX can have up to four programmable phases of temperature controls in a day.

Main features

The Lux TX9600TS has features that makes it work in a simple and convenient way. It has an adjustable vacation hold that can set from one to three days and smart recovery that enables the set temperature to be reached by the programmed time.

Basic heating and cooling options can be obtained by choosing either HEAT or COOL on the system Mode Switch. Touch the Set Temperature digits on the screen and they will begin to flash, and when flashing, the UP and DOWN buttons will be shown and you can use them to adjust the current Temperature. When the thermostat is first powered up, it follows a default temperature routine set from the factory, until the clock has been set.

The display screen is lit in order to assist users during the night or for use in locations with low light levels. A press of any area on the panel will light the display for approximately 10 seconds.

While in normal running screen, the set temperature can be temporarily changed by pressing the set temperature digit, followed by pressing the UP or DOWN buttons and then the set temperature returns to the programmed values.

Lux TX9600TS

The thermostat has a default internal time delay of approximately five minutes separating the load-on and load-off activities which can prevent cooling system damage.  A temperature hold is used to maintain a fixed set temperature. In case the hold is triggered, the thermostat will maintain the set temperature indefinitely. The hold temperature may be used for days, weeks or even sometimes for months.

The other fascinating feature about the thermostat is that is has a copy feature that enables you to copy program information from one single day to another. Copying is done by pressing the Copy button once, followed by “From” to “To”, then select the day you want the information to be copied to. All of the content will be copied over.

The internal temperature sensor is accurately calibrated by the manufacturer and manually allows the user to offset the measured temperature by as much as three degrees C from its original value. This feature also helps to sync two or more thermostats in the same house.

Other features

Lux TX9600TSThe electrical rating for the thermostat is 1.5 amps per terminal with a maximum total combined load of 3.0 A for all terminals. It is compatible with most 24-V heating and cooling systems, one or two stage heat of gas, oil or electrical systems and even heat pump systems, 3-wired hydroponic zone values and gas millivolt heaters.

Installation is very simple and only involves four basic steps that are well described in the manual. When followed to the letter, you will not have any problems. Operation is also very easy as it only involves touching the screen.


Lux Products TX9600TS Touch Screen Thermostat is  not a bad choice. The thermostat is  quite good in terms of installation, operation and programming. Cost, function, efficiency are all areas that this thermostat excel in.

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