Ecobee3 Wi-Fi Thermostat Review

The Wi-Fi thermostat is a very useful device to help you control your home temperature anytime from anywhere. Nowadays, most people are familiar with such devices. An ordinary thermostat reads the temperature in only one room or one floor/one location but is expected to deliver comfort in all rooms/all floors. If you own a house that has a significant temperature differential … [Read more...]

Download Ecobee Thermostat Manual

Ecobee3 Wi-Fi Thermostat with Remote Sensor is the newest production of Canadian company Ecobee Inc. released just in September 2014, however, this company introduced the world’s first wi-fi connected smart thermostat in 2009. Pros : Nice design, Looks Great, Stylish, Remote sensor that improves energy management, Greater control over HVAC settings, Easy to use and amazing … [Read more...]